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A 50 page booklet presenting the best places for observing birds in the littoral zone of l'Aude.
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Bulletin Meridionalis N°9
The new bulletin from "Meridionalis" has arrived.
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Discover the fascinating world of birds !

LPOIn the department of "l'Aude", there are no Atlantic Puffins ( the symbole of the  LPO an association created in 1912 to save the last colony of Atlantic Puffins in Britany), except maybe a few in winter. From the LPO's logotype we shall keep the blue for the emblematic birds of our region : the Purple Swamphen of our marshes, the European Roller of our agricultural fields and the Blue Rock Thrush of our sunny mountains.


The League for the Protection of Birds of l'Aude (LPO Aude)

an active association...

With nearly 400 members, a staff of 8 and many volunteers, the LPO Aude is a non-profit-making association working for the protection of nature by promoting the preservation of birds and their habitat by increasing the awareness of the public and also by a meticulous management of the environment favourable to the development of the avifauna.

In order to preserve our extraordinary natural heritage, the ornithologists, the staff members and the volunteers of the LPO, experts and beginners, travel all over the department of l'Aude to observe and record in order to create a plan of management and conservation favourable to the avifauna.

How can you help the LPO ?

The best way to help us is to become a member of our association.

Being a member is giving one more vote for the environment.  

Becoming a volunter at theLPO Aude

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